So you have decided that you want to look into healthy lifestyle and found out the totally confusing world of health, where it is difficult to understand and to find the right information? This very brief introduction to basic - intermediate - advanced levels of health understanding is here to help you with the steps into this amazing world which makes you feel good.

  Following the Basic Physical Health points will allow you to be healthy, without need for any supplements or drugs. It is simple and very cost effective to live healthy on the basic level and if you ask why is this not a general knowledge, ask yourself - if you don't spend money on pain killers and to remove negative symptoms, if you thinking clearly and without pain, who is the winner? You yourself as a human being together with the society; or someone else? Who gets your money for drugs, medications and consequent money from taxes on all these? Do these companies and groups want you to be able to think straight and decide what is good for yourself instead of them being able to tell you what they want you to do and be?

Basic Physical Health

  1) Water - The human body consists of over 70% of water. Water cleans, nourishes, lubricates. The water that you drink, shower in, swim in - in most places in the world is awful for your body and skin. Chlorine, one of the basic chemicals used to kill bacteria in water before it gets to you, continues kill bacteria inside your body after you drink it, or breathe it through nose and your skin while you are having that fantastic hot shower after work. Fluoride - toxic substance linked to cancer in human body - is added for unknown reasons into publicly accessible water (with exception of few Queensland suburbs where local people rallied against it). It is said that Fluoride is good for your teeth, I do recommend doing your bit of research on this topic. Nevertheless, why do we have Fluoride in water that we use for cooking, shower, drinking etc?

 Solutions - Use and drink filtered water. The best filter available in Sydney is Zazen filter, with many other available options everywhere around the world. There are filters that you can connect directly to your water in the kitchen and if you are cooking a lot, this is the best option for you. Filters remove Fluoride, Chlorine, heavy metals and other nasty stuff while enriching the water with minerals and alkalising it. Alkalising helps you to balance your pH inside your body from being too acidic, as most of the food, water and environment we live in cause our body to be acidic.

  Shower - why do I care? Skin is our largest organ and protects us from environment outside body. Skin protects itself with oils. When you have a hot shower and scrub your oils from the skin thoroughly with normal soup, your skin pores open from the heat, your defence is scrubbed off and everything that is in the water gets literally soaked into your skin and into your body. At the same time you are breathing the hot steam and that again enters your body through your lungs. There are two steps in healthier approach. First step, take shorter showers, washing only the parts of the body that need attention with soap and rinsing the rest while showering in warm instead of hot water. Warm water doesn't release that much steam. Second step, if you like to take it further, you can buy a shower head or other special filter to clean the water before it touches your body. No need for such elaborate filters as for drinking water, but basic filters like C-vitamin shower head is going to do the job great, then you can enjoy long hot showers and not worry about skin trouble.

 And please, drink, good water, mineral water, fresh juices. Anything else is literally polluting you and messing up your body and mind. That goes for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, soft drinks with lots of bubbles (there is beautiful research about all these available), low quality coffee, hot chocolate. If you have one drink from time to time, your body can and will get rid of all the toxins you decide to put into your body, but if you constantly flood your body with these, the body does not and cannot get rid of all the nasties.

  2) Food - "We are what we eat." McDonald, Hungry Jacks, typical cheap chinese restaurants - there is always a reason why a full dish of food is cheap. If you are cooking, ask one or two questions about origin of your food. Meat is often coloured and most shops will try to hide the fact, that the animal you are eating has been caged all life, has been fed genetically modified food full of hormones and processed in brutal way. Again, there are some great documentaries on these, whether it is chicken, cow, pig or any other animal. Vegetables, sprayed with all kinds of protective solutions against mould, vermin, bugs; continue to be protected with these when you eat them. Bunch of fresh looking oranges usually comes in a box with a lid filled with chemicals that protects the fruit from fruit flies - these chemicals have toxic warning and the lid is not supposed to be disposed of into normal bin, just to give you an idea.

  Cooking vegetables destroys 70% of goodies for which we buy them. Let's say you just finished your grocery shopping with full bag of organically grown vegetables. You arrive home, start cooking and - the vegetable on the dishes, although still tasting better, have very few goodies for your body. Most of the vegetables can be eaten fresh, but cooking them half way will keep the goodies untouched and ready to be digested to help you feel better.

  Eating fresh and eating a fruit picked from your own small tree on a balcony or a small backyard is rewarding and gets our bodies all we need.

  Variety - variety of food is very important. Variety of fruit and veggies throughout the week will give your body all the materials to work flawlessly and without pain. Moderation is another aspect of health. If you eat apples and only apples for three days, although being healthy fruit, they will make you sick. There are many fantastic books on health diet and how to eat / cook healthy. But the simplest way is to get bit of this, bit of that, not much thinking and enjoy eating and being the food you eat.

  2) Environment - where we live, where we work, where we sleep.

...more coming soon...