Tibetan Sound Healing Tibetan Sound Healing - Traditional Ancient Tibetan and Nepalese / Indian healing technique

  Tibetan Singing Bowls were first known to be used in India before Buddha was born; consequently because the use of the Singing Bowls was so incredibly profound to healing and knowing one self, they have been brought by buddhist to Tibet where they became one of few powerful tools for healing, learning and awakening.

  It is important that the Singing Bowls used for healing are hand-made from 7 different metals that relate to 7 energy centres (chakras) in the body. Only this specific type of the Singing Bowls can access the "full harmonic vibration" that the body remembers and uses for healing. Any other types of bowls do not induce the same type of vibrations and although useful, they usually do not access this specific healing vibration on such scale.

  The Nepalese Healing Technique, used since ancient times, is based on placing the Singing Bowls in specific layout either around or on top of the client and then played in very specific sequences. While using one Singing Bowl is powerful already, using multiple Singing Bowls in these sequences literally create miracles. Depending on your sensitivity and knowledge of energy flow, you will feel the following: amazing internal massage of your whole body - the sound vibration travels through your skin and penetrates every cell, due to the harmonic vibration, creating specific patterns "mandalas" which are known for their healing effects.
 In other words, you will get full body massage that doesn't just stop on the surface of the skin or the muscles, but penetrates the body through every cell including bones. For the more sensitive clients, experiencing different planes of being, channeling, astral traveling, connecting with guides and more - are very common. Each session is very individual experience. For more information, please send me email.

Before and after - common effects (after one session):

  - Why would I want to try such thing - to - if you didn't do the session with me, I could never believe how fantastic it is
  - I feel sick and can barely walk - to - I feel fantastic without any problems walking
  - Just came from holiday, I cannot feel any more relaxed - to - amazing, I feel so much more relaxed than before
  - Sounds interesting, let's try it - to - that was awesome, when can I come again?

All sessions include

Short introduction to therapy, preparation and cooling time after session. Grounding after session. Specially treated water for grounding and lasting healing. At the same time, I channel energies and information and use it together with the healing frequencies of the Singing Bowls as required.

SESSIONS BY DONATION ONLY - in Campbelltown Healing Room - contact below.

Basic healing sessions list (from $60.00 per session, prices might vary at different locations)

  • Relaxation Therapy - 30min session - $60
  • Healing Prayer - 25min - $60
  • Chakra Balancing - 25min - $60
  • Stress and Depression Therapy - 1hr - $90
  • Clearing the Chakras - 45min - $75
  • Ear Therapy - 10min - usually added to another session - $60 on it's own ($25 addition)
  • Warm Water Therapy - 40min - $90
  • Therapy to Ease Anger, Aggression, Arthritis and High Blood Pressure - 45min - $75
  • Crystal Attunement (additional to Relaxation Therapy) - $15 (as addition only)

Sessions for self-exploratory experiences (from $95.00 per session)

  - 1/2 hour of relaxation + deep exploration - $95
  - 45 mins of relaxation + connecting to higher self - $150

Locations for sessions:

  - Michinbury (Blacktown) - Creative Spirit Centre Ph: (02) 9625 7257
  - Your Location bookings - call 0422 735 396 (required: quiet space 2x2m, travel charges apply)
  - Campbelltown (Rosemeadow, NSW) - Healing Room - ALL SESSIONS for this location PAYMENT BY DONATION ONLY

Contact: 0422 735 396 or info@spiritsofstone.com.au