Crystals setup Which crystals are Healing Crystals

  They are those, that bring peace, understanding, vision, healing, abundance, strength, knowledge and love. Crystals from Earth and from the Universe. It's easy to find them, once you are ready, they come to your life and suddenly there is new, exciting and deep perspective unfolding in front of you.

  Working with crystals, meditating with crystals, healing with crystals, transforming life with crystals - there are many ways we use them every day, from technology that everyone uses (liquid crystal displays, computer processors, make up) through building materials (your home, car, workplace) all the way to healing and transforming ourselves and others by everyday knowledgeable use of the crystals - from being influenced by crystals randomly without any knowledge to picking crystals to anchor specific flow of energy in your life or environment.

  Energy flow and the crystals (scientific explanation)

  Let's break the body down - the human body is made of skin, muscles, tendons, organs and liquid moving around. Breaking each of these further down, we'll get molecules, then atoms. The structure of atoms of each above mentioned part of the body is very similar, we are using carbon based bodies; meaning that on this level of existence all the body parts are made of the same material.

  Atom is not a solid particle, it contains the very very small core and electrons that appear to move around the core. The distance from the core to the electron is like distance from middle of the Earth to the Moon. This means that we consist of empty space, then more empty space and some very small and not very solid vibrating particles.

  Once we share this understanding of our body, then we can also comprehend the fact, that there is literally no difference between the body, the air we breathe, the water, the road we are walking on - it's all the same, huge empty space with tiny specks of particles that appear here and there. The way the science sees this scenario is: empty space, tiny particles, vibration and energy or information flow in between.

The reality of our existence is just that - reality of the experience we have.

  Considering the fact that everything is based on vibration or information flow, crystals are great tool for transmitting and storing information - from being used as first radio transmitters to channeling healing energy from ancient sources.

Amethyst   Any type of vibration that we can relate to in this type of existence (being human) can be used for healing or in other words channeling of information of a kind. Crystals, being around for many millions of years have collected and have been charged with all kinds of energies (information) and by having them around this flow of information affects us greatly.

  The strongest way of accessing crystal information is by having the crystal around - holding it in hand, placing it on body or even having it in living room as a good looking center piece. Of course, once you start feeling the crystals (when you attune yourself to be able to perceive that type of information or feelings) and you start being aware of the effect of the crystal - it is only then that you really put the particular crystal to it's full possible use.

  There are many books that have dealt with crystals and their effects on human body, soul and mind over thousands of years; the most recommended books on crystals are by Robert Simmons (The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach; The Pocket Book of Stones; Stones of the New Consciousness: Healing, Awakening and Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals and Gems; Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation) - who not only has basic knowledge of the building blocks of the crystals, but also feels the effects as they affect him on physical, mental and spiritual level.

  The advantage of using crystals compared to any other type of energy work is that crystals produce steady information matrix that doesn't change much over time - it's like a steady flow of electricity - you can use it for many purposes as it's flow doesn't fluctuate as much as other energy work (like music, channeling by a person, reading, etc).

Family of Crystals

  There are many hundreds and thousands of crystals around us. Roughly few hundred of them are more common, starting from Quartz that is available in every country while at the same time comes in many varieties of shapes. Quartz is great for all kind of work and has been the most utilised crystal by anyone who works with crystals. Rose Quartz There is amazing legacy by Marcel Vogel (well worth extended study; Marcel Vogel Legacy Link, Marcel Vogel Wiki Link) on how to program, communicate, clear and utilize quartz crystals.

  Next two in the line are Amethyst with it's purifying and protective effects and Rose Quartz, the most gentle and loving crystal. Both of these are easy to relate to, inexpensive and recommended when you are starting to work with crystals.

  The list starts to expand after getting yourself acquainted with these first three amazing crystals and the use and utilisation of crystals opens up in front of you like a new chapter in life and usually doesn't stop. This is when you start seeking crystals for specific remedies. Then there is the next step...

Supercharged Crystals and Attunement Sessions

  Once you have started working with crystals more consciously, the next step (you can choose) is to change focus from working on your blood pressure to working on your evolution. The variety of crystals filters from hundreds to around 30 powerful crystals that are here to help with just this goal. How do you know this is true? Usually by holding a high-energy crystal in your hand, you can feel immediately some of these symptoms: burning sensation in your hand, cool flow in your hand, dizziness, strange intense feelings in your body etc. Usually we don't feel the normal crystals this intensely and the reason for these strong feelings within seconds from touching the crystals are, that they are energetically in much higher vibrational state (dimension) than we are and they are bringing this high vibration to "us". I do recommend to start gently and understand at least basic principles of grounding before you start working with these. Moldavite

  Why would you want to work with these? It all comes down to what kind of experience do you want in your life. You already know that the life as such is illusion and that it is only the experience that is real. You are also aware of the state when you feel "asleep" and the difference in how you feel when you are "fully awake", feeling fresh and deciding for you is easy because you understand things around you in much clearer way. The high-energy crystals are helping with just that - to help you to be "fully awake" more often in a ways you cannot imagine until you start working with them. Rarely straight away, but usually over a period of time, you become more of yourself, you start seeing more clearly and decide for yourself without difficulties. Some people call it enlightenment.

  One of the best crystals to help you on this way is Moldavite, the stone of transformation. The others are listed in the Crystal Attunement link.

Crystal Attunement

  Instead of working with one high-energy crystal at a time, I have created special sets of these (mostly rare) crystals that allow you to experience full infusion of your energy system with the particular high-energy crystal of your choice. The sessions are usually 1/2hr long and in this time your body gets fully immersed in the energy of the crystal of your choice without the need to buy any of the crystals. It is unique and powerful experience complimented with relaxing sounds of large Tibetan Singing Bowls and essential oils - for more information, please visit the Crystal Attunement link.