High Energy Crystals - Ascension Crystals

Moldavite Meteorite Ascension High Energy Crystal Most recommended crystal for bursting through the illusion of life as it is and moving / transforming one forward is Moldavite - this dark green meteorite is one of the most powerful crystals on Earth and very useful for the current times of transformation. It could have been found in Czech Republic (former Bohemia) for last 15 thousand years at few different locations, but because of it's power, it has been all collected and is only available from either collectors or other people that have them, therefore the asking price is growing each year - in it's limited quantity, it is rarer than gold or diamonds. There are no other meteorites with such properties.

Moldavite works as accelerator, it literally rises the frequency of your human energy field. It works well with heart chakra, but cleans and energises all other chakras and brings energy where necessary. It usually takes some time to adjust to it's high vibrational frequency and it is recommended to start with it gradually - work with it for a day and if you feel dizzy or airy, come back to it in few days time to continue on gradual adjustment of your body's frequency. This aspect does manifest in variety ways, usually bringing all that needs to be worked out very quickly to your attention and once worked out, it helps you to feel better keeping your energy high.

Moldavite with other crystals - with it's acceleration properties, it usually doesn't mix with energies of other crystals, but accelerates the way you perceive any other crystal energetically. This means that the gentle rose quartz is bringing much more love than you could ever feel before. Combining Moldavite with other high energy crystals, only recommended once you get adjusted to Moldavite's energies, brings around a new way of experiencing the shift of vibrations and the speed with which you can move forward. Combined with Morganite, it fills the body with tingling and lasting sensations almost instantly.

Moldavite is the most recommended crystal for everyone who wants to see more light in their lives - consciously.

up to 1g piece of randomly picked Moldavite - $20
piece of Moldavite up to 9g - $35/g
large piece of Moldavite up to 30g - $price depends on the weight, size and quality of specimen, anything over 20g weight is considered collectors pieces, also great as investment

Morganite Ascension High Energy Crystal Morganite - variety of Beryl (similar to Aquamarine) in pink to white/translucent color found in Brazil, USA, Madagascar and Africa and recently from Afghanistan - the most powerful energetically.

Morganite connects you to the ecstasy of the divine love, literally. Similar to Rose Quartz with the difference that Morganite works from higher dimensional frequencies of the love. It is not a gentle crystal. After using it for first two times as a layout, I nicknamed it the "happy drug" crystal as I was ecstatic for more than 24 hours with a light tingle under my skin all over my body - this was after 5 minute layout of Morganite. It works on soothing all emotional states, but in that intensity of love you don't realize it's deep in-body energy work that's happening at the same time.

Combined with Moldavite, the intensity multiplies. Living in the ecstasy of divine love is one of the most fantastic feelings to experience.

up to 2g piece of randomly picked Afghan Morganite - $10
up to 4g piece of randomly picked Afghan Morganite - $20
larger pieces - $5/g

List of other high energy crystals

Hemimorphite, Satya Loka Azeztulite, Gold Azeztulite, Charoite, Phenacite, Morganite, Fulgurite, Natrolite, Amblygonite, Brazilianite, Scolecite, Scapolite, Cuprite, Cerrusite, Spinel, Datolite, Brookite, Petalite, Pink Azeztulite, Australian Azeztulite, Zircon, Larimar, Titanite (Sphene), Lemurian Golden Opal, Tanzanite - more information soon.

Thank you for your interest in our selection of rare and hard to get crystals. We are currently working on new photographs and new crystals will be available through our web-site shortly. In the meantime, please contact us via email or phone if you have any specific requests or needs regarding crystals.