Crystal healing sessions list (from $60.00 per session, prices might vary at different locations)
Set of 11 crystals placed on or around 7 major chakras + 2 placed at the feet + 2 placed in hands in peaceful environment with healing aromatic incense or aromatherapeutic food grade essential oils, also including large tibetan singing bowls for easy attunement - this is to accomodate for highest possible crystal attunement

Azeztulite Australia   • Australian Azeztulite attunement
   - for cooling and calming all levels of being, soothing emotions, rising vibrations
   - rising vibrations through soothing emotional body towards inner understanding and balance, bringing calm and loving power

Charoite   • Charoite attunement
   - for seeing one's path of service, purging inner negativity, healing, protection
   - dispelling nightmares, overcoming fears towards unconditional love, psychic protection and etheric purification

Hemimorphite   • Hemimorphite attunement
   - for aura balancing, light activation, empathy, joy and emotional healing
   - encouraging love and forgiveness, aiding attunement to higher frequencies through opening upper chakras

Himalayan Gold Azeztulite   • Himalayan Gold Azeztulite attunement
   - for reconnection with the central sun, creative manifestation, body of golden light
   - attunes to ecstatic union with world soul enhancing capacity to create and inner vision

Iolite   • Iolite attunement
   - for inner vision, healing of old wounds, soul retrieval, shamanic journeying
   - encouraging calm in difficulties, supports visionary experience while meditating

Moldavite Meteorite   • Moldavite attunement
   - for transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, cleansing, synchronicities, protection, chakra activation
   - opening heart and attuning body towards spiritual awakening

Morganite   • Morganite attunement
   - for opening up to and grounding in your life of the divine ecstasy of love
   - soothing over old sorrows, rapturous merging with vibrant divine love

Rhodocrosite   • Rhodocrosite attunement
   - for emotional healing, self love, recovery of forgotten gifts and lost memories
   - through focus on deep heling links with energy of love enhancing creativity and joyful life

Satya Loka Azeztulite from India   • Satya Loka Azeztulite attunement
   - for being in the truth fully conscious, blissful living
   - inspires moving towards the divine bliss through expansion of consciousness towards enlightenment

Natrolite   • Natrolite attunement
   - for the highest energy attunement, working with 6th-14th chakra
   - expanding consciousness towards full ascension

Amblygonite   • Amblygonite attunement
   - for calm willpower through golden energy layer/shield
   - protected and supported by the golden ray towards manifesting courage to creative expression

Petalite   • Petalite attunement
   - for being in the truth fully conscious, blissful living
   - inspires moving towards the divine bliss through expansion of consciousness towards enlightenment

Scapolite   • Scapolite attunement
   - for discipline, persistence, willpower and liberation
   - focuses on seeing one's destiny clearly and being able to follow it thoroughly

Lemurian Golden Opal   • Lemurian Golden Opal attunement
   - for access to Lemurian consciousness through dissolving of inner walls and boundaries
   - accessing the gifts of spirit

Locations for sessions:

  - Michinbury (Blacktown) - Creative Spirit Centre Ph: (02) 9625 7257
  - Your Location bookings - call 0422 735 396 (required: quiet space 2x2m, travel charges apply)
  - Campbelltown (Rosemeadow, NSW) - Healing Room - ALL SESSIONS for this location PAYMENT BY DONATION ONLY

Contact: Radim - 0422 735 396 or