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Recommended links (friends):
Wolf Drums and Flutes - Native American style products (hand made); drums, flutes, rattles, smudge fans, dream catchers and more

Recommended links (interest):

  • Know Your Rights Group - simply know your rights (Australia)
  • Aussie Speeding Fines - never pay any traffic fine again (Australia)
  • The Crystal Deodorant - Most powerful and harmless to the body natural deodorant

Recommended Books:

  • Book of Stones (Robert Simmons) - the most precise metaphysical book about the majority of crystals
  • Life after Death (Mary T Browne) - down to earth explanation what happens after we die
  • New Earth, Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) - teaches how to be in the present moment
  • Non-violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) - audiobook option, the best teaching on how to live without violence
  • Spirit Guide (Raym) - plain facts about being human during this time on Earth
  • Healing Hands (Barbarra Brennan) - comprehensive university style education on energy work and understanding
  • Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (Drunvallo Melchizedek) - ancient history and merkaba light vehicle activation

These books are recommended for anyone that is learning about the fascinating life that we live. I suggest using to get your copy of these books. There is lot more out there - follow your feelings and passion and all the information you need will flow into your life.